Linemates Release Date

I have a release date for Linemates. You can get the book in paperback or electronically on May 18th.

I’m both nervous and excited for the release. I’ve written and edited this book for over a year. Now it’s out of my hands and will be out there for everyone to read. Scary.

In some ways this still doesn’t feel real to me. I think once I get a printed copy of the book it will finally sink in.

My Detroit Red Wings play Game 7 tomorrow against the Tampa Bay Lightning. They’ve been making me crazy during the playoffs. Some games they look awesome and others horrible. It’s been an odd series. Neither team has won two games in a row. Tomorrow night is the Red Wings turn to win.

You hear that, hockey gods?


About dkdunnwriter

I've enjoyed writing ever since I can remember. One of the first stories I wrote was in elementary school. It was a Snoopy/Star Wars mash up which were two things I loved at the time - still do. My first novel "Linemates" which is being published by Dreamspinner Press will be release Spring 2015. It's a dream come true for me! I live in the metro Detroit area. I've been working at an advertising agency for the past 12 years. My passions (besides writing) include travel, "Supernatural," the Detroit Red Wings, "Star Wars," and reading.
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4 Responses to Linemates Release Date

  1. Hellga says:

    Super bummed about Wings 😦

    Second year in a row getting kicked out in first round, but hey, at least we made it to playoffs, unlike Bruns or LA for example.

    On the plus side, can not wait for Linemates to come out. And I hope there will be more books to come, bcause there is no such things as too much hockey or too much mm hockey romance!


    • dkdunnwriter says:

      Making the playoffs for 24 straight years is quite an accomplishment. It would be nice to make it past the first round though. I think the WIngs need to make a coaching or GM change. I highly doubt they’ll get rid of Ken Holland though.

      I’m happy to hear that you’re a fan of hockey romance. I hope “Linemates” doesn’t disappoint! 🙂


  2. Hellga says:

    Well, frankly I think that one of the main reasons we still made it to playoffs is because Mike Babcock is still coaching the team. While we have a pretty solid roster, there are no superstars (with exception of Datsuk) that will carry team far (like in the past) and Wings made it to post season, because of cohesive play and excellent team work (thanks to the coach). It also does not hurt that players are able to execute play schemes more sophisticated than your good old “dump and chase”. I hope management will renew. Besides looking at Pens struggles… They changes coach and GM and team is just as shaky if not worse, not only in the post season, but during regular season also.
    Ha-ha! Enough of hockey ramblings! Sorry, got carried away.
    I am very much looking forward to reading “Linemates”, there are so few books where hockey is not just a vague interchangeable background (that one can easily swap for golf, soccer, football, you name it, and no one will notice). And I am sure that as a hockey fan you have done an excellent job of portraiting the atmosphere 🙂
    So two of my favorite things rolled in one. Yay!


    • dkdunnwriter says:

      No need to apologize. There’s nothing wrong with being passionate about something you love. This off season should be interesting. I hope the Wings can get someone to help out our D.


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