Hockey Player of the Day

Today’s player of the day is T J Oshie.

T J is an American born player with the St. Louis Blues.  He’s an Alternate Captain on the team. His biggest claim to fame is when he represented Team USA at the 2014 Olympics.  He was one of the three players chosen to represent the US in a shootout against Team Russia. He converted 4 of his 6 shots including the game winner in the 8th round of the shoot out.


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I've enjoyed writing ever since I can remember. One of the first stories I wrote was in elementary school. It was a Snoopy/Star Wars mash up which were two things I loved at the time - still do. My first novel "Linemates" which is being published by Dreamspinner Press will be release Spring 2015. It's a dream come true for me! I live in the metro Detroit area. I've been working at an advertising agency for the past 12 years. My passions (besides writing) include travel, "Supernatural," the Detroit Red Wings, "Star Wars," and reading.
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